Run ESLint on every commit

Last update in 8/2019

Adding lint staged to your project will be one of the best “low effort high reward” things as it will prevent you to commit if linters aren't happy. Did I mention that you can set it up in few minutes?

As usual, we will start with installing packages. husky is used to run git hooks and lint-staged is used to run linters on staged files.

yarn add -D husky lint-staged

While packages are installing we can add following snippet to package.json. husky property should be on same level as scripts or dependencies.

"husky": {
"hooks": {
"pre-commit": "lint-staged"

Other than that we will add file called lint-staged.config.js in root of the project. This file will configure which linters will be run on which files.

module.exports = {
'*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}': [
// files on which you want to run command
'eslint', // lint JavaScript and TypeScript
'*.{js,jsx,json,yml,yaml,css,less,scss,ts,tsx,md,mdx,graphql}': [
'prettier --write', // run prettier and fix errors
'git add', // add fixed files to next commit

This config will run ESLint on JavaScript and TypeScript files and Prettier on pretty much (pun intended) all lintable (is that a thing?) files. --write flag will automatically fix fixable problems, so we need second git add to add those fixed files.

Easy setup, isn't it? On your next commit you'll see something like this.

ESLint running before commit

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