Reveal password input

Last update in 10/2019

Today I was building some random login form and I had to create button that can toggle between shown and hidden password. It was surprisingly easy to do, but I still want to share it here.

First things first, import useState hook for managing input state and React itself.

import React, { useState } from 'react'

After that create functional component with already mentioned state and input.

const PasswordInput = () => {
const [hidden, setHidden] = useState(true)

return (
<input type={hidden ? 'password' : 'text'} />

export default PasswordInput

But you still have no way to toggle between states. You'll need to create button for that.

// input
<button type='button' onClick={() => setHidden(!hidden)}>
{hidden ? 'show' : 'hide'}
// ...

That is it. You have just created password input that can be revealed, so cool!

password input demo