Process manager

Last update in 10/2019

Long story short. I have made script for scraping some stuff and put it on the DigitalOcean droplet and as I had problems with crashing (*cough poorly written code), I have found this process manager called PM2 (Process Manager 2). Heard about it long time but never got to use one. Oh, boy! It's awesome.

Installation #

Like any other npm module.

npm i pm2 -g

Basic usage #

  1. Start a process
pm2 start app.js --name "your_app_name"
# next time start app with
pm2 start your_app_name
  1. Stop a process
pm2 stop your_app_name
  1. Delete a process
pm2 delete your_app_name

You can also use all instead of app name to do operation on all processes

Monitoring #

See list of all running processes.

pm2 list

View dashboard with live info from processes.

pm2 monit   # this is not a typo

Parameters #

You can pass argument to pm2 to enhance your experience.

Pass arguments to your app.

-- arg1 arg2 arg3

Save console logs to file.

--log path/to/file
# you can also prefix logs with time if you add --time

Restart app on file change.


Restart when app reaches memory limit.

--max-memory-restart 750M

Restart on cron job.

--cron cron_pattern