Colorful printf output

Last update in 9/2019

Ehh, default output is plain and boring. Why not spice it up with some colors!

All you need to do is prefix text with color code like \x1b[36m for cyan.

#include <stdio.h>

int main () {

printf("Hey \x1b[36mcyan!\033[0m And this text is reseted to default color.");

return 0;

This example will produce output:


Here is table of different ANSI colors you can use.

RED       |   "\x1b[31m"
GREEN | "\x1b[32m"
YELLOW | "\x1b[33m"
BLUE | "\x1b[34m"
MAGENTA | "\x1b[35m"
CYAN | "\x1b[36m"
RESET | "\x1b[0m"

Enjoy your colorful output!