Last update in 9/2019

Today is my birthday, and for that occasion I would like to sit down and think about last year of my life, what have I accomplished and what didn't go too well.

I really have no plans or structure for this article, I'll just write what comes to my mind.

First of all, I want to write about all the things that I accomplished programming related in past year of my life. A bit more than year ago, as my love and addiction for gaming was fading away I decided that I want to do something useful and not spend whole day in game and feel miserable after that. As I enjoy working with computers very much, programming was kind of obvious choice. I started learning Android development! And yeah, as you probably imagined it was great working with XML or something like this for styling and structure, but when I saw Java first time I was done with that course. Probably because I jumped in project without learning what variable is... After that come a month or so of gaming again and my past birthday. And dream didn't die. It was just — on hold.

As the school started my motivation was partially back, so I pivoted to web programming. Started with The Odin Project. Again confused. And this goes on and off. Super excited to work on it one day, then can't open it next day.

It's Christmas time, I've got email from GitHub that I was approved from GitHub student pack (collection of paid services made partially free for students). Great. Let's try everything! I've found Thinkful which offers free course for students and I enroll in it. Its curriculum is pretty much same as The Odin Project, just much simpler. And oh, I didn't know this can be so fun! Can't tell what hit me but I started working every single day. After I partially finished that, I've started learning on my own. JavaScript seemed so complicated, but I was chopping at it, day by day. Just exploring things.

When you combine curiosity for exploring fun stuff with working every single day ~4 hours you learn a lot. Now, just not to be mistaken, I don't know much even now, but I couldn't imagine that I'll know even this much year ago.

That is my story, now I would like to make rough list of things that I learned, just for the future self.

I probably forgot something but it's okay.

Also, things on which am I particularly proud:

And last thing that I want to write for today is I'm grateful. Just that. For everything that happened lately. As well... My post on reddit has kind of succeeded! I have 27 up votes (still much better than 1) and real people are visiting my website! Google Analytics says that 2 are on this page right now. How cool is that?

Oh, my brain feels fried. I don't think that I've ever written this much (~600 words) in English.