Hello World

Last update in 8/2019

Hey! Welcome to my blog! As this is my first post I traditionally named it Hello World. Very nerdy indeed. In this post I'll go over past, present and future of this blog.

We have to start with stack! #

Note (Dec 2019): stack information is outdated.
You can find more about current version of website here

As you probably imagined from JavaScript cool boy programmer, stack is pretty much bleeding edge.

I used Gatsby to get these fancy static sites from React and MDX. For those who aren't living on the edge, MDX is kind of markdown on steroids. Imagine putting <FancyComponentDownloadedFromNpm /> inside your markdown text. That is MDX in nutshell.

Next, we have Algolia. Algolia is really fast search. And it's easy to setup on static site. I've actually written post about Algolia integration with Gatsby that you can see here.

Other than that PrismJS with Night Owl theme (port from this theme by Sarah Drasner) is used for code highlighting and GuessJS is used for pre-fetching pages with machine learning using data from Google Analytics. A lot of buzzwords, but it's really cool. Google talk about it can be found here. I plan to write about it more soon.

Enough about stupid tech stuff.

What will you post? #

For now I plan to post as frequently as I can, about things that I learn and use.

In following format:

How to map over array in JavaScript #

...small description...

const array = ['one', 'two']

array.map(item => {

// output:
// one
// two

You can find ideas and plans for future posts on /me/website/roadmap. I'll do my best to keep it up to date.

What about the future? #

For the near future, I plan to add few extra qualify of life features for readers and squash some bugs.

Aaand that was it! Be sure to take a look at my other posts. Maybe you'll find something nice!