Palindrome Day

Last update in 2/2020

Today is 02/02/2020 and if you look closely on today's date, you'll notice that it's palindrome (sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward). That may not seem amazing at all as these dates happen every once in a while, but this one is quite different.

Firstly, it is palindromic in multiple date formats:

Previous date similar to this was 1111-11-11 and next will be 2121-12-12, and 3030-03-03 after that.

Secondly, what makes it even more palindromic is that it's 33. day of 2020 and, because 2020 is leap year there are 333 days left.

It is safe to assume that today is most palindromic day humans will ever live, so don't forget to celebrate it.