End to End testing with Cypress

Published on August 18th, 2019

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“What is End to End or E2E testing?”, you may ask. It sounds fairly complicated. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It is basically robot that opens browser and runs tests on website.

And Cypress is just that robot. It’s built with Electron and it uses Mocha testing framework and Chromium to run tests.

End to End tests are very effective because they provide great testing value and are easy to setup.

Cypress setup

Let’s start with installing Cypress as dev dependency.

yarn add -D cypress

While Cypress is installing add cy:open to list of scripts in your projects’s package.json.

"scripts": {
  "cy:open": "cypress open"

To start it you need is to run script that we added in previous step.

yarn cy:open

Then click “Ok, got it” and “Run all specs” in top right.

Cypress cool demo will start. You can watch it.

Next thing we’ll have to do is make our own tests. This process will start with configuration. This is decent starting config you can copy to your cypress.json in root directory of your project.

  "baseUrl": "http://localhost:8000",
  "integrationFolder": "cypress/e2e" // optional

There are few more optional cleanup things to do.

  1. Open cypress folder.
  2. If you changed integration folder in config, delete integration and make new folder with name you specified in Cypress config.
  3. Delete fixtures and screenshots folders. We won’t need them.
  4. If you enabled ”argsIgnorePattern” feature of ESLint, open index.js in plugins directory and add underscore to start of params so ESLint doesn’t complain. (like this ... (_firstparam, _secondparam) {... )

Let’s do some testing already!

Actual testing

But wait! You first need to first install cypress testing library.

yarn add -D @testing-library/cypress

Then import it in cypress/support/commands.js file.

import '@testing-library/cypress/add-commands'

Now we are ready for testing. We will make one smoke test as an example.

What? Smoke test??? You can read more about it here.

TLDR: high level overview if everything is working alright.

Create smoke.js in your cypress/integration/ folder (or custom one if you specified it in config), populate it with following snippet and tweak for you website.

describe('app', () => {
  it('works', () => {
      .getByText(/Undo last Git commit/i)
      .getByText(/git push origin -f/i)

This will open your website and click element with text “Undo last Git commit” (regex will match every every casing of words). It will throw an error if it cant find “git push origin -f” text after click.

Now you can run your tests with cy:open and see them passing, or failing ☹️.

If ESLint is throwing errors in your Cypress test file read this article…